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  • Delicious Cubano Sandwich Recipe with Jalabeaños

    Check out this easy, yet culinary conscious Cubano style sandwich that will knock your socks off with its powerful punch of flavor! **Recipe, image and video provided courtesy of The Fare Trade. Cubano recipe by Chef Eduardo Ruiz     Ingredients For the Roasted Pork 2.5 Pounds, Pork Shoulder  1 Onion  8 Cloves, Garlic 1 Tablespoon, Salt   For the Cuban Sandwich 2 Cuban Baguettes, or Soft French Baquettes cut in 4 pieces 16 Slices, Smoked Ham, About 1 Pound  2 Pounds, Roasted Pork (from above), Sliced Thin 12 Slices, Swiss Cheese  1 Jar, Pacific Pickle Works Jalabeaños 8 Ounces, Grainy Mustard, or Yellow Mustard 2 Ounces Butter  Directions For the Pork Shoulder   Prep heat oven to...

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