Lemon Verbena "Hop-Pickles" 24oz


A Purely Santa Barbara Collaboration

This truly unique pickle is the result of a purely local collaboration between Pure Order Brewing Co. and Pacific Pickle Works. Featuring the delicious and rare white "Salt & Pepper" organic pickling cucumbers from Roots Organics, the Hop-Pickles have a bright lemony taste on the front from the lemon vebena herb. A bit of bitter floral taste comes from the estate grown cascade hops from Pure Order Brewing Co. The flavors are rounded out by the Thai basil and serrano chiles as well as a unique finish from the Pure Order Pale Ale included in the brine. 

These are extremely limited edition pickles, so get some of these little tart pickle chips before they disappear!

Ingredients: Organic white cucumbers, water, organic distilled vinegar, beer, serrano pepper, salt, organic raw sugar, hops, organic lemon, organic lemon verbena, organic thai basil

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