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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 20295
Santa Barbara, CA 93120
Packing Facility:
718 Union St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
805-765-1PPW (1779)


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Since 2001, Bradley Bennett has been making his spicy blend of pickles for friends and family from his kitchen in Santa Barbara, California. Now he has created Pacific Pickle Works so that you can enjoy them too!



what our customers are saying...

Absolutely addicted to this Pickle Brine. I drink it straight, with a splash of tonic water, or mixed in a cocktail. I usually drink it and sit on the couch with my dog after a long day. Love this delicious one of a kind product!



Holy cow. I went to the market here in West Sacramento to get fixins' for a Bloody Mary. I saw the PPW Asparagusto!, but almost deferred to my usual brand, and then decided to give it a shot. Anyway, I get home, and snap diddly doo, the Asparagusto! is just about the greatest pickled thing I've ever had in my entire life. It's like someone pickled a high five. I'd say maybe 5 spears from the jar went into drinks. I just sat and ate the rest while watching baseball.



I’ve developed this habit on Saturdays of getting a 6-pack of Tecate, 8oz of Pacific Pickle Works Michelada Shrub, starting on a couple chores around the house, and then suddenly realizing I’ve burned through all my supplies! Needless to say, I always have a great time and stock up again for the next week. It’s a truly unique product, and you can’t get anything else like it around town!



PPW has delicious pickles and excellent customer service. After a little mix up with my order, the company fixed it immediately and made me feel like my satisfaction with their products truly mattered.

The Jalabeanos, Asparagusto, Unbeetables, Brussizzle Sprouts, and Carriots of Fire are all fantastic snacks. I will be ordering these items routinely.

Well done Pacific Pickle Works!



I just picked up your Bloody Mary Elixir and wow! All my friends know I make a killer Bloody Mary, but my Mary is nothing compared to what I am sipping on right now. I have tried Bloody Marys from all around San Luis Obispo. I feel sorry for all restaurants out there because I don’t think I can ever go out and buy another Bloody Mary after enjoying this. I cannot wait to try it with your Jalabeaños.



Recently, on his first-ever solo bike ride to Whole Foods to pick up a snack of his very own choosing, our older elementary son returned home with a jar of Asparagusto! in his backpack. Out of the whole store, out of all the options at Whole Foods, with his very own hard-earned money, he wanted to have his very own jar of PPW's Asparagusto! That's pretty cool.

Now, people might point out the fact that he has a very refined and discerning palate. They also might say that there's something marvelous and irresistible in every delicious PPW jar. As doting and proud parents, we think it's both.

Here's to all the very best as this company puts smiles on more and more faces. You've won the business of every buyer in our house!



Dear PPW,
I just wanted to let you know that we bought a jar of your pickles at a shop on State St. and loved them! I asked my wife why she bought them though since we were flying out the next morning and wouldn't be able to take them past security at the airport. She didn’t want to leave them behind so, she drained all of the juice out and put them in zip lock bags and was able to bring them home with us to Oregon.

Anyway, just thought you should know how good they are!



I live locally in SB and am OBSESSED with PPW's products. They generously donated PPW products to my elementary school last year to help us fundraise and their items brought one of the highest prices at our auction. Great products and generous people behind the product... you can't go wrong with PPW!!!! Aaaaaand I'm in love with the Bloody Mary Elixir. So happy I can buy these products all over town!



I just made a trip to the store specifically to get your Jalabeaños only to find they were out. Can I order them online anywhere? We are having trouble living without them.

Thanks!   ~ Claire


My husband, who doesn't ever run household errands, bumped into your pickled Jalabeaños at Tri-County Produce in Santa Barbara where we reside. I went back to the store and bought the last two jars the following day. I also picked up the Unbeetables and Asparagusto for a test. Now we are addicted!

Every weekend I shop at the farmer's market in Santa Barbara and a lot of farmers bring their pickled veggies. Over the years I have tested them all. Most of them are way too spicy, too vinegary, or mushy... YOURS have the right amount of everything! They taste as if they are pickled by your favorite grandmother.

Brad, Congratulations on your wonderful product. As soon as you start website sales and shipping we will be ordering boxes.

All the very best,



I'd order the green bean by itself if I wasn't ashamed, but I am. So, I order the Bloody Mary just to get the green bean

~ Anonymous customer confessional