Wholesale & Foodservice

Interested in reselling our retail products, or using our products in your restaurant or bar?


Distribution: Our retail packed products are carried by Tony’s Fine Foods and UNFI in most regions in the Western US and some in the Eastern US. Contact your UNFI sales rep for pricing and more information. 

Direct: Additionally we are able to ship product direct via UPS to anywhere in the US at very reasonable rates. Contact us for more details at sales@pacificpickleworks.com



We pack all of our popular pickle varieties in 5 gallon refrigerated "fresh pack" containers for foodservice. These incredibly fresh and crunchy pickles will liven up any plate calling for a pickle. Available in whole and chip varieties. 

For bars, we offer our award-winning Bloody Mary Elixir, Michelada Shrub and Pickle Brine mixers as well as our popular pickled green beans and asparagus in bar-friendly 32oz versions. 

Distribution: All of our foodservice packed products are available through Chefs' Warehouse in So Cal. Please contact your Chefs' Warehouse representative regarding pricing.
We also supply direct in Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. To inquire about direct purchases, please email us at sales@pacificpickleworks.com or call at 805-765-1779.