• NEW!! Spicy Fish Tacos marinated in Michelada Shrub

    NEW!! Spicy Fish Tacos marinated in Michelada Shrub

    Fresh off the idea board is this tasty recipe using our Michelada Shrub to create some rad, spicy fish tacos. Check it out below:                                   Ingredients For the Fish Tacos 2 fillets of local fish (we used Santa Barbara local Rock Cod)  1 Onion  1 Red Pepper 4-6 Tortillas (corn or flour) 2-3 Tablespoons of Pacific Pickle Works Michelada Shrub  Ripe Avocado Fresh Cilantro Olive Oil Salt and Pepper to taste For La Crema Mayonnaise Sour Cream Lemon Juice Salt and Pepper to taste Directions For the...

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  • UPDATED!! A More Gouda Pickled Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    UPDATED!! A More Gouda Pickled Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    Here's a simple 5 minute recipe that will transform a boring grilled cheese sandwich into a delicious and gourmet treat featuring pickled veggies from Pacific Pickle Works!   Ingredients Sourdough sandwich bread White sharp cheddar cheese Gouda cheese Pacific Pickle Works' Brussizzle Sprouts Pacific Pickle Works' Asparagusto Butter  Directions Take a few pieces each of the Pacific Pickle Works' Brussizzle Sprouts and Asparagusto. Chop up the pickled veggies into small pieces and set aside. Grate equal amounts of the sharp cheddar and gouda and set aside as well.  Butter one side of each piece of the sourdough sandwich bread. On an evenly heated...

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  • Delicious Cubano Sandwich Recipe with Jalabeaños

    Check out this easy, yet culinary conscious Cubano style sandwich that will knock your socks off with its powerful punch of flavor! **Recipe, image and video provided courtesy of The Fare Trade. Cubano recipe by Chef Eduardo Ruiz     Ingredients For the Roasted Pork 2.5 Pounds, Pork Shoulder  1 Onion  8 Cloves, Garlic 1 Tablespoon, Salt   For the Cuban Sandwich 2 Cuban Baguettes, or Soft French Baquettes cut in 4 pieces 16 Slices, Smoked Ham, About 1 Pound  2 Pounds, Roasted Pork (from above), Sliced Thin 12 Slices, Swiss Cheese  1 Jar, Pacific Pickle Works Jalabeaños 8 Ounces, Grainy Mustard, or Yellow Mustard 2 Ounces Butter  Directions For the Pork Shoulder   Prep heat oven to...

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  • Thai Me Up And Beet Me!

    Thai Me Up And Beet Me!

    Here's a fun cocktail using ingredients you would never imagine putting together, and it's incredibly delicious! Ingredients 1 shot Vodka 1/2 oz Pok Pok "Som" Thai Basil drinking vinegar 2 oz fresh squeezed orange (or tangerine) juice 1 tsp Pacific Pickle Works' "Unbeetables" brine 1 lime wedge Orange twist Thai basil leaf Soda water Ice Directions Fill a rocks glass with ice. Add a shot of Vodka, Thai basil drinking vinegar, orange juice, Unbeetable brine and a squeeze of lime. Shake vigorously in a shaker. Pour back into rocks glass. Add a soda water float and garnish with orange twist and...

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  • Tangy 3 Bean Bloody Mary Elixir Chili

    Tangy 3 Bean Bloody Mary Elixir Chili

    This will be the easiest and tastiest chili recipe you've ever made! Ingredients 1 pound ground meat of choice (beef, turkey, pork, etc.) 1 medium onion diced 1 28 oz can diced tomatoes 1 15oz can black beans 1 15oz can kidney beans 1 15oz can pinto beans 1/2 15oz can corn kernels 4 oz (1/2 bottle) of Bloody Mary Elixir 1 6 oz can tomato paste 2 Tbl brown sugar 1 Tbl chili powder 1 Tbl oil (for sautéing the onion) Directions: In a medium pot sauté the diced onion in oil until translucent. Add your ground meat of choice...

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  • Grinchy Mary (A Green Bloody Mary)

    Grinchy Mary (A Green Bloody Mary)

    This unique twist on a Bloody Mary uses green heirloom tomatoes to make a green Bloody Mary, or "Grinchy Mary" and features the Bloody Mary Elixir and garnishes of Pacific Pickle Works - presented by Bradley Bennett   Ingredients Pacific Pickle Works' Bloody Mary Elixir Pacific Pickle Works' Jalabeaños (spicy pickled green beans) Pacific Pickle Works' Carriots of Fire (spicy pickled carrots) 2 lbs green heirloom tomatoes 2 persian cucumbers (partially peeled) 1 green bell pepper 1 onion Arugula Cilantro Parsley Salt Sugar Celery Salt Hot Sauce Cutler's Gin Directions Chop green tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper and onion into chunks...

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