• August 2018 Pickle Club and Newsletter

    August 2018 Pickle Club and Newsletter

    Ginspired. There is something new brewing at the PPW factory that is a true ginspiration. This spirit-infused pickle features the herbal and floral gin from Santa Barbara local distiller Cutler's Artisan Spirits to enhance our signature brine for a very special pickle. This incredibly unique brine is accented by the peppery fragrance of rosemary and juniper berries and a touch of fresh jalapeño heat. We've made a special beta-test batch for our Pickle Club members so you can be the first to experience these fun new boozy pickles. Let us know how you like them! Pickles just in time for Labor Day For the last few weeks...

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  • Sunday Bloody Sunday

    Sunday Bloody Sunday

    Sunday Bloody Sunday - Michelada Sundays can be a double edge sword for those of us who work in the nine-to-five-ish world. On the one hand, we have one more glorious day to enjoy our weekend but on the other, it’s already Bloody Sunday and a case of the Mondays is sure to follow. Luckily for you, Pacific Pickle Works (PPW) has the goods to make your weekend great.
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  • April 2018 Pickle Club And Newsletter

    April 2018 Pickle Club And Newsletter

    Spring is pickle season! ...or is it? Well, the truth is, there isn't really a pickle season. Some might say it's in fall as people are frantically trying to get the remainder of their summer gardens preserved for the winter. But we like to think that spring is the time when people start having picnics and BBQ's to celebrate the end of winter and welcome back the warm days. And what better for your picnic table than fresh crisp pickles?! Spring Time Pickles For this month's Pickle Club we've chosen some of our favorite fresh and crunchy snacks. Both club...

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  • January 2018 Pickle Club And Newsletter

    January 2018 Pickle Club And Newsletter

    A sobering start to the year For those of us in Santa Barbara, the last month has been one of the most surreal, challenging and devastating months in our recent history. Usually known for being the beautiful and quaint little city by the sea, we have had a double dose of reality starting with the largest fire in the history of the state of California only to be followed up by a tragic mudslide claiming several lives and homes that will change many people's lives for years to come.Our hearts and prayers go out to our friends and neighbors who have been...

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