Sweet and Savory Gift Pack


This gift set brings all things that are just a little bit sweet and savory into one package. Our semi-sweet Bread & Buddhas anchor this set as our traditional sweet (but not too sweet!) bread & butter style pickle chip. Next are our sofi Award winning Brussizzle Sprouts which are semi-sweet and tangy pickled Brussels sprouts. Followed by that is our foodie favorite, Fenn Shui. This most unique variety is always a trade-show favorite among pickle connoisseurs. It is sliced fennel root that is pickled in a rice vinegar blend and spiced with fresh ginger, Thai chili and citrus zest. Last and certainly not least is a house favorite at Pacific Pickle Works - the Unbeetables. These beets are actually pickled in a savory fashion, but because we use only the best locally grown organic beets, there is so much sweetness that you'll think it's a sweet pickle!

NOTE: Though we do our best to keep all of our products in stock at all times, from time to time we do run out of certain products due to the seasonality of certain vegetables. Should we be out of stock of one of the default items for this package we may need to make a substitution on an item in your pack. We promise we'll do our best to replace it with something as similar and delicious as possible!