Limited Edition Branded Gift Crate


Give a gift with a lasting impression. These limited edition gift crates have been hand branded with the Pacific Pickle Works logo to make a beautiful package. The crates have solid sliding tops which make this a great reusable keepsake. 

Each crate comes with 5 selections of your choosing as follows:

1 24oz jar of pickles (Cukarambas or Bread & Buddhas)

2 tall jars (choose any 2 of Jalabeaños, Asparagusto, or Bloody Mary Elixir)

2 short jars (choose any 2 of Unbeetables, Carriots of Fire, Stokra, Brussizzle Sprouts, Fenn Shui, or Cauli-Flower Power)

(Please specify in your notes at checkout your jar choices. Otherwise the default will be sent - Bread & Buddhas, Jalabeaños, Bloody Mary Elixir, Unbeetables, Carriots of Fire)