Sweet and Savory Gift Pack - Assorted 4 Jars of Sweet and Savory Pickles and Veggies


This gift set brings all things that are just a little bit sweet and savory into one package. Our semi-sweet Bread & Buddhas anchor this set as our traditional sweet (but not too sweet!) bread & butter style pickle chip. Next are our sofi Award winning Brussizzle Sprouts which are semi-sweet and tangy pickled Brussels sprouts. Followed by that is our foodie favorite, Fenn Shui. This most unique variety is always a trade-show favorite among pickle connoisseurs. It is sliced fennel root that is pickled in a rice vinegar blend and spiced with fresh ginger, Thai chili and citrus zest. Last and certainly not least is a house favorite at Pacific Pickle Works - the Unbeetables. These beets are actually pickled in a savory fashion, but because we use only the best locally grown organic beets, there is so much sweetness that you'll think it's a sweet pickle!

  • Bread & Buddhas Semi-sweet thick cut bread & butter style pickle chips
  • Brussizzle Sprouts semi-sweet and tangy pickled Brussels sprouts
  • Unbeetables spicy pickled beet slices
  • Fenn Shui wweet and spicy Asian spiced sliced fennel

NOTE: Substitutions may occur if items out of stock.