Specialty Pickled Veggies Gift Pack - All 6 Jars of our Specialty Gourmet Pickled Veggies


This deluxe gift set includes all of our specialty gourmet pickled items in one package. Included in this set are Brussizzle Sprouts, our semi-sweet and tangy sofi Award-winning pickled Brussels sprouts, Carriots of Fire, Southern California taqueria inspired pickled carrots, Unbeetables, the slightly spicy and savory pickled beets, Fenn Shui, Asian inspired pickled fennel in a rice vinegar blend with ginger, citrus zest and Thai chile, Stokra, a West Coast riff on a Southern favorite of pickled okra, and our Italian-style pickled cauliflower florets, Cauliflower Power.

This set comes with the following:

  • Carriots of Fire spicy taqueria-style pickled carrot sticks
  • Brussizzle Sprouts semi-sweet and tangy pickled Brussels sprouts
  • CauliFlower Power pickled cauliflower florets
  • Unbeetables spicy pickled beet slices
  • Stokra southern style pickled okra
  • Fenn Shui wweet and spicy Asian spiced sliced fennel

NOTE: Substitutions may occur if items out of stock.