Lemon Verbena "Hop-Pickles" 24oz

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This product is unavailable

A Purely Delicious Hop-Pickle

This is a truly unique pickle. Featuring the delicious and rare white "Salt & Pepper" organic pickling cucumbers, the Verbena Hop-Pickles have a bright lemony taste on the front from the Lemon verbena herb. A bit of bitter floral taste comes from whole hop cones and a touch of beer in the brine. All these flavors are accented by a little Thai basil and serrano chiles.

These are extremely limited edition pickles, so get some of these little tart pickle chips before they disappear!

Ingredients: Organic white cucumbers, water, organic distilled vinegar, serrano pepper, sea salt, organic raw sugar, beer, hops, organic lemon, organic lemon verbena, organic Thai basil