Southern Style Gift Pack - Assorted 4 Jar Set of Southern Style Pickles and Veggies


This gift set selects a few of our items that are inspired by pickled items commonly found throughout the southern states. You can't have a pack like this without our pickled okra - though cheekishly named 'Stokra' for our West Coast slant. Then of course is our semi-sweet Bread & Buddhas as our traditional sweet (but not too sweet!) bread & butter style pickle chip. Also in this set is our Italian-style pickled cauliflower  florets and our award-winning Asparagusto!

This set comes with the following:

  • Bread & Buddhas Semi-sweet thick cut bread & butter style pickle chips
  • Asparagusto pickled Asparagus spears
  • Cauliflower Power pickled cauliflower florets
  • Stokra Southern style pickled okra

NOTE: Substitutions may occur if items out of stock.