Top Sellers Gift Pack - Assorted 4 Jars of our Best Selling Pickles and Veggies


Having a hard time deciding what pickles to give that pickle lover in your life? Search no further as this set of our top selling products is sure to please even the most persnickety pickle pal! Starting off the lineup is our award-winning favorite Bloody Mary garnish, Asparagusto! Sure to satisfy both the sour and sweet side of the palate are two different pickle varieties - Mother's Puckers and Bread & Buddhas. Bringing up the rear are our Carriots of Fire which has become a new fan favorite at Pacific Pickle Works featuring locally grown organic carrots that are crunchy and bursting with flavor. 

This set comes with the following:

  • Mother's Puckers home-style garlic pickle halves
  • Bread & Buddhas Semi-sweet thick cut bread & butter style pickle chips
  • Asparagusto pickled Asparagus spears
  • Carriots of Fire spicy taqueria-style pickled carrot sticks

NOTE: Though we do our best to keep all of our products in stock at all times, from time to time we do run out of certain products due to the seasonality of certain vegetables. Should we be out of stock of one of the default items for this package we may need to make a substitution on an item in your pack. We promise we'll do our best to replace it with something as similar and delicious as possible!