Pacific Pickle Works Launches Non-GMO Cocktail Gift Sets

Pacific Pickle Works Launches Non-GMO Cocktail Gift Sets

Pacific Pickle Works Launches Non-GMO Cocktail Gift Sets

SANTA BARBARA, CA, October 8, 2018—Pacific Pickle Works, makers of award-winning pickled vegetables and savory cocktail mixers, announces the release of its 2018 Cheers & Spears Cocktail Kits in two flavor collections: Mighty Bold Bloody Mary and West Coast Cocktail Mixers. Available just in time for the holiday season, each kit contains a trio of the company’s gluten free, non-GMO Project verified bestsellers, presented in a ready-to-gift box for under $30.

Mighty Bold Bloody Mary Elixir The Mighty Bold Bloody Mary Kit features Pacific Pickle Works’ Bloody Mary Elixir, a robust and uniquely tomato-free seasoning anchored by the company’s small-batch Worcestershire sauce. Umami-rich anchovy, tangy-sweet tamarind and horseradish are blended with a zesty bouquet of spices and aromatics, and finished with real lime juice. Each 8oz bottle of Elixir makes 2 quarts of classic Bloody Mary with the addition of tomato juice and spirit. To garnish, a duo of Pacific Pickle Works’ hand-packed pickled vegetables are included: one 16oz jar of Asparagusto! (crisp pickled asparagus); and one 16oz jar of Jalabeaños (spicy pickled green beans.) SRP $29.95.

The West Coast Cocktail Mixers treats the DIY mixologist to a full set of Pacific Pickle Works’ 100% natural savory mixers. The trio includes an 8oz bottle of brunch-ready Bloody Mary Elixir, an 8oz bottle of vegan Michelada Shrub and an 8oz bottle of bracingly tart Pickle Brine. Michelada Shrub is a crisp and complex blend of spices, peppers and pungent kaffir lime in a bold base of lime juice and organic cider vinegar. Each bottle makes 8 generous cocktails with the addition of a standard 12oz lager. Pickle Brine is an ideal chaser for a classic Pickleback and punches up a Dirty Pickletini. Each mixer also makes a full-flavored marinade, fat free dressing component or a ceviche base. SRP $24.95.

Bradley Bennett, founder and Principal Pickle, projects a healthy reception for the new kits, which were partly developed in response to customer feedback and to the rapid growth of the company’s ecommerce footprint over the past year. “The kits recognize the organic cocktail-garnish relationship between our two product categories,” explains Brad, “which is a merchandising set-up we can’t dictate or always expect in retail grocery. We’re launching the kits online because the demand for clean-label foods in every category simply outpaces our current distribution. We want to be able to delight wellness-minded cocktail connoisseurs around the country, and our mixers are a year-round gift at a great price. However, the convenience, value factor and brand cohesion of our grab-and-go bundles would also make a terrific option for specialty and natural retailers looking for shelf-stable impulse items for their Q4 in and out programs.”  Pacific Pickle Works rolls out the Cheers & Spears gift sets to Amazon in October in celebration of Non GMO Month; and will also carry them on its own website at  For wholesale and wholesale gifting opportunities, please contact

About Pacific Pickle Works

Pacific Pickle Works was founded in 2010 by Bradley Bennett, a Santa Barbara native whose spicy homemade pickles began as holiday gifts for friends and family, and quickly sparked a craving amongst locals. Today, the company hand-packs its signature West Coast pickles from its factory on Union St, each batch a crunchy, full-flavored salute to peak-season produce. Pacific Pickle Works’ full line of snackable pickled vegetables is Non-GMO Project Verified, naturally gluten free, fat free and kosher, offering shelf-stable convenience with zero artificial ingredients or preservatives. In 2016, the company launched an all-natural trio of savory cocktail mixers that have garnered numerous awards from the spirits industry. Pacific Pickle Works is currently carried in 500+ retail and foodservice locations, including Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmer’s Market, Bristol Farms, Draeger’s Market and Lazy Acres.

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