Pacific Pickle Works Releases A Truly Ginspired Pickle

Pickles Under The Ginfluence - Gin & Tonic by Mouth FoodsYou may have thought you had seen it all when it comes to pickles until this - a gin infused pickle. Pacific Pickle Works has stepped outside of the pickle barrel with a truly ginspired pickle - Pickles Under The Ginfluence. These crunchy pickle chips are soaked in a brine with herbal and citrus notes that come from the craft gin by distiller Cutler's Artisan Spirits and are finished with fresh rosemary and sliced jalapeño chiles. Skewer a couple slices of these for the freshest dirty gin martini you've ever tasted, or use them garnish citrusy and aromatic Spanish Gin & Tonic.

Either way you will not stop at just one. 


Photo credit top - Mouth Foods

Photo credit bottom - Pacific Pickle Works



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