Unbeetable Crostini Appetizer

This is a beautiful looking and delicious tasting appetizer made with our Unbeetables.


  • Premade small crostinis or just use small pita or bagel chips chips
  • 1 jar Unbeetables
  • Creamy goat cheese
  • Fresh whole leaf basil (can be made with arugula too)
  • Pine nuts (optional)



Spread out your crostini's or bagel chips or pita chips on a platter. Spread a dollop of goat cheese on each one. If you are using pine nuts, sprinkle a few around on each one to stick in the goat cheese. Lay one leaf of basil (or arugula) in the goat cheese and then lay a thin slice of Unbeetable on top (you may want to cut the beet pieces to be thinner or smaller). 

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