August 2018 Pickle Club and Newsletter

August 2018 Pickle Club and Newsletter


There is something new brewing at the PPW factory that is a true ginspiration. This spirit-infused pickle features the herbal and floral gin from Santa Barbara local distiller Cutler's Artisan Spirits to enhance our signature brine for a very special pickle. This incredibly unique brine is accented by the peppery fragrance of rosemary and juniper berries and a touch of fresh jalapeño heat. We've made a special beta-test batch for our Pickle Club members so you can be the first to experience these fun new boozy pickles. Let us know how you like them!

Pickles just in time for Labor Day

For the last few weeks of summer we've chosen some of our favorite barbecue and picnic snacks. Both club levels will receive a jar of the NEW Gin Rosemary & Jalapeño pickles as well as the classic Mother's Puckers. Enjoy a grilled burger by the pool garnished with gin pickle chips or snack on them right out of the jar. For your libation needs we recommend using the leftover brine to craft an extra dirty martini. You'll be the first group of customers to try these boozy pickle chips out, so get creative and let us know how you use these unique and subtle chips. For other recipes and inspiration check out our recipe blog here!

Mother's Puckers - These late comers to our lineup have quickly become a top favorite of our pickle loving fans. They represent our super crunchy, no sugar added West Coast take on a classic New York deli pickle. These pickle halves with a kick of garlic are designed to be snacked on right out of the jar until you're left with nothing but the brine. Kick up a cheese plate or snack board by cutting up one of these halves into crunchy bites. For the hardcore types, save the pickle juice for doing Picklebacks!

Classic Recipes with an Unbeetable Twist

This month's Big Dill club shipment includes the deliciously snackable, Good Food award-winning Jalabeaños. We pride ourselves on searching for local, fresh green beans that are just the right size and have just the right crunch. Combine consciously selected produce and our signature West Cost style brine and you've got a spicy pickled green bean like no other. Our Jalabeaños are irresistible to snack on right out of the jar and are a compliment to any cheese board or Friday evening snacking plate. For something new try dicing them up and adding them to a Cubano sandwich. The slight tang and extra crunch makes for a delicious twist on a Cuban classic! Recipe here -
Delicious Cubano Recipe with Jalabeaños

To round out the Big Dill shipment we have the Unbeetables. These crunchy, spicy organic beets are not your grandma's beets - they are freshly pickled in a balanced brine full of garlic, onion and spice aromatics. They are also extremely versatile! Pluck them out of the jar as is for a simple goat cheese and beet crostini, use the extra brine to whip up a unique cocktail or add them to your deviled egg recipe to jazz up your next weekend pool party. However you choose to use these beets, know we source them from our organic farmer friends of the Central Coast and are proud to support local.

Included in this shipment

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