Sunday Bloody Sunday

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Enjoy a Little Sunday Bloody Sunday With Pacific Pickle Works

Sundays can be a double edge sword for those of us who work in the nine-to-five-ish world. On the one hand, we have one more glorious day to enjoy our weekend but on the other, it’s already Bloody Sunday and a case of the Mondays is sure to follow. Luckily for you, Pacific Pickle Works (PPW) has the goods to make your weekend great. They have concocted the perfect Bloody Mary Elixir so you can enjoy your Sunday to the fullest. Even if you don’t love drinking Bloodies, they have some genius ways for you to use their Elixir. Whether you enjoy cocktails or family recipes, their mixers will leave you tickled pink or pickled tink if you’ve had a few. Let us count thy ways you can improve your Bloody Sunday with Pacific Pickle Works…

  1. Get pickled with PPW’s Bloody Mary Elixir. The best part about this Bloody Mary Elixir is you can mix it to varying degrees of spiciness and booziness. More elixir gives you more spice and more gin or vodka gives you a stronger cocktail and definitely makes for a better Sunday. You can mix to your heart’s content as long as you don’t forget to buy the tomato juice! The Bloody Mary Elixir’s sole job is to be the prime ingredient or the secret sauce if you will, that will make your Bloody truly delicious. If you want an alternative to the traditional vodka-based Bloody Mary, try a Red Snapper, which has all the same components except it’s Gin-based. For optimal satisfaction, rim your glass with a blend of celery & kosher salt. Cheers to having a proper pickled Sunday.
  1. Wash your Sunday away with a Michelada. Pacific Pickle Works’ Michelada Shrub is the perfect alternative to a Bloody Mary if you want a light and refreshing drink. For hot summer Sundays, a Michelada is the way to go. Just rim with a Tajín and kosher salt blend, add ice, pour a crisp lager beer of your choice over said ice and mix in the Michelada Shrub. Serve this at your next BBQ and we promise your friends and family will Miche-lotta-love-you. Note there is a difference between a Cubana and a Mexicana Michelada. A Mexicana style Michelada uses Clamato, which is essentially tomato juice with a little clam juice added. Whereas a more traditional Cubana style Michelada uses fresh lime juice, Worcestershire and Maggi or Soy Sauce. The PPW Michelada Shrub by itself makes more of a Cubana-style Michelada and features their own Worcestershire made from scratch. Then just add a dash of tomato or Clamato juice to easily make it into a Mexicana-style Michelada.
  1. Spice up your Sunday with Spicy Fish Tacos. This recipe is fantastic if you want to feed a lot of people really delicious food with very little prep time. The star ingredient is the Michelada Shrub, but keep in mind getting a great cut of firm, white fish like Rock Cod will seal the deal. The dual use of eating and drinking the Michelada Shrub is our fave and we’ll kill two birds with that shrub any day. Get Pacific Pickle Work’s Spicy Fish Taco recipe for some Sunday deliciousness.
  1. Behold the Baked Bloody Mary Elixir Chicken. We want you to get baked on Sunday with this Pacific Pickle Works’ Baked Bloody Mary Elixir Chicken. Depending on the season, this can be a perfect winter or summer recipe just by switching up your cooking style; oven vs barbeque. For cold winter evenings, spice it up and bake this baby in the oven. For warm summer nights, throw this delicious recipe on the barbeque. And whether you have summer or winter preparations, this chicken recipe will add tangy and spicy profiles to your life. The Bloody Mary Elixir is a household staple that will make your Sundays right again.
  1. Go healthy with a Grinchy Mary. If you prefer to eat on the healthy side, but also like to get your Mary on, we suggest going green with the Grinchy Mary. Pacific Pickle Works has the perfect recipe idea for the green juice lover with a twist on the traditional Bloody Mary that substitutes tomato juice with a mixture of green goodness; Heirloom Tomatoes or Tomatillos, Bell Pepper and Cucumber for a delicious green drink concoction. Get your daily dose of greens and give yourself a little pick-me-up by adding a little spice to your life and enjoy your Bloody Sunday in a greener fashion. Garnish your Grinchy Mary with a pickled skewer of Brussizzle Sprouts, Carriots of Fire, Unbeetables and Cauli-Flower Power and you’ve got yourself a colorful dose of deliciousness.

Now that we’ve given you the tools to make your Sunday work for you, pick up some Pacific Pickle Works and get to enjoying your Bloody Sunday! The best part is you don’t even have to get off the couch this weekend to order your PPW products! If you’re not near one of their many grocery stores they’re in, you can order online or go to Amazon. Cheers to Bloody Sunday!

Written by: Lynee Bennett

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